Notary Public  


Notary Public / Signing Agent

ACTAX of San Jose, CA has a certified Notary Signing Agent. We provide notary services to individuals and businesses, mobile and at-site. At this location, the agent is able to print large loan documents as a last minute emergency. For rapid service we prefer to hand deliver documents to FedEx/UPS rather than dropping them in a mailbox. Our agent is quite familiar with the special protocol/etiquette that is required in conducting business in a clients home, and knows how to securely handle the clients important and confidential information. We promise accuracy and professionalism in completing your important documents. Call us.

Notary Public Agents Experience and Knowledge: : 
  • Conventional Loans, FHA and FHA Streamline, Title 1 Construction Loans, Home Equity Loans (HELOC), Home Improvement Loans, Auto Loans

  • Method to Receive/Send documents: 
  • Overnight Delivery, Fax, Email